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We are so very grateful for the support local businesses have given us.

This past October, Bella Vita Nutrition in celebration of their third-year anniversary, came up with some creative ways to incorporate Sepsis awareness. They created a special tea and shake specifically for the Gianna Cirella Memorial Fund, hosted a raffle, and handed out countless sepsis bookmarks, kindness markers and GCMF bracelets. Through all their efforts, they raised approximately $1,000 for us to support our mission!

Kindness can be contagious you know... when Iron Haulers learned of this, they matched what was raised throughout the month of October bringing the total to nearly another $300!

We would like to congratulate Bella Vita Nutrition on their anniversary and wish them many years of future success! Including us in their celebration was so very selfless and an amazing act of kindness. We are forever humbled and so very thankful.

We love local businesses and encourage you to support them. ❤️

If you would like to host a fundraiser on behalf of The Gianna Cirella Memorial Fund and would like some bookmarks and posters, please contact us at

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