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Gi's Story


Gianna, 16 years old of Warwick, RI developed a sore throat Oct. 13, 2017 that worsened into pneumonia, then sepsis, a life-threatening blood infection. Doctors amputated her leg in hopes of curbing the infection, however, multiple vital organs continued to fail. On November 1st, at approximately 6pm, Gianna moved on from her pain to a much more comfortable, peaceful place.  The disease that got into Gianna's beautiful little body was much larger than her.  The disease won; but not without the most courageous battle.

"Gianna was easy going but certainly kept us going with her quirky ways. She was the ultimate "life of the party," whether it was team practice, a nighttime campfire, or just a morning wake up. Gianna's favorite things included the beach and mini-vacations to the family camp in Vermont. Gianna will be truly missed by all who knew her, but more importantly, her life and the memories will change us all and forever be part of the happiest portion of our years."

Gi's Story

More about Gianna

Gianna was a junior at Tollgate High School and had graduated from Winman Junior High and Greenwood Elementary School, all located in Warwick, RI. She loved country music and playing soccer. Gianna was a goalie for the Tollgate girl's soccer team and also played soccer for the Warwick Firefighters Soccer Club. She had worked as a hostess at the Greenwood Inn and as front desk clerk for Unleashed Fitness Center.

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