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$10,000 Donation Supports Sepsis Initiative at Hasbro Children's Hospital

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

The Sepsis Initiative at Hasbro Children’s Hospital Expanding Reach and Impact with Support from the

Gianna Cirella Memorial Fund.

Hasbro Children’s Hospital is committed to improving outcomes for the detection and treatment of sepsis. Their sepsis steering committee is comprised of multidisciplinary care providers throughout the hospital. They are a member of the Children’s Hospital Association national sepsis collaborative and we benefit from data and best practice guidelines used throughout the country. They also contribute data and findings through our participation in the collaborative.

They have an institutional commitment at Lifespan and Hasbro Children’s Hospital to advance their capabilities to diagnose sepsis more rapidly through educational initiatives and community outreach to providers. Our support is critical to this progress.

With the Gianna Cirella Memorial Fund’s gift of $10,000 they propose to direct those generous resources to two key aspects of their initiative as follows:

I. Data Collection and Analysis

· Use of EPIC generated queries built to screen, evaluate and disseminate indicators of sepsis-based cases

· Evaluation of clinical data and feedback to use the data across the institution to improve quality of care and develop educational initiatives

· Continued use of algorithms, care bundles and best practices from the national collaborative for enhancing early diagnosis, escalation and de-escalation of best care and training of providers, staff and community partners

II. Hospital-wide Education and Community Outreach

· Ongoing education about recognition and best practices for care for clinical staff at Hasbro Children’s Hospital

· Professional case based Training at the Lifespan Simulation Center

· Create videos for enhancing communication with providers and staff around recognition and treatment of sepsis for nurses and providers of all levels

· Create screening cards for real-time clinical use in outpatient and community settings

· Use and expansion of electronic sepsis alerts that has been initiated in the Hasbro emergency department and outpatient cancer clinic (The Tomorrow Fund Clinic) to inpatient settings

· In-service training sessions using video based simulations for nursing staff

· Develop sepsis awareness toolkits for community health providers

· Disseminate toolkit, information through local educational presentations based on 2018 Pediatric Grand Rounds on sepsis to community providers that provide acute care to children, including community emergency departments and urgent cares.

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