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Purple Day

This wonderful event was hosted by Warwick Vets Middle School.

It is truly amazing that the two schools that continually surpass all of our hopes and dreams in keeping Gianna's memory close are the elementary and middle schools in her community. It means so much that these students not only remember Gianna, but they really do a great job at the WHY.

The staff made up little baggies of hershey kisses that they sold to students to have delivered to someone of their choosing. Such a fun and creative idea that alone raised over $500 for the Gianna Cirella Memorial Fund! In addition, there was a collection taken from all who wanted to wear purple and take an active role in the Purple Day event.

This fantastic event raised $1230 in honor of Gianna and to help spread Sepsis Awareness!

This truly makes makes our hearts smile and we cannot thank you all enough!

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