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First meeting to discuss Sepsis Protocol with local Senators scheduled for March 22nd.

Four Rhode Island families having children that have lost their lives to sepsis have teamed up to make a difference. The parents of Layla Charette, Gianna Cirella, Lucas Dewar, and Emily Halloran-Otrando are scheduled to meet on March 22nd with Representatives Mark McKenney, David Bennett, Julie Casimiro along with Dr. Lee Polikoff of Hasbro Children's Hospital to discuss introducing sepsis protocol and education legislation in Rhode Island, throughout the health care system and beyond.  The goal is to mimic the legislation in New York called "Rory's Regulations" which has been passed in three other states to date.  This bill will help to reduce the number of deaths that are caused by sepsis by implementing earlier intervention and detection to provide better outcomes. We thank you for your continued support which allows us to push forward in this fight against sepsis.

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