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Big Thank Yous are in order!

We love our Fund Raisers!!

Sending the very biggest thank you to Jenna and her entire class! Jenna hosted a fundraiser by selling Sweenor's chocolates and handing out GiStrong silicone bracelets and Sepsis bookmarks to everyone who contributed. The class raised $600 for the Gianna Cirella Memorial Fund along with spreading awareness and helping us educate about Sepsis.

Thank you Jenna and your entire class at Lifespan School of Medical Imaging ! ❤️❤️


We love our Blood Donors!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to donate this past December!! We know it was a busy time of year, but what's more important than saving lives?! If you couldn't make it to the drive, please consider making an appointment at the center and use the code 1949!  ❤️

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